Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Picnic Basket

Deborah Sloan's creation The Picnic Basket  (www.thepicnic-basket.com) is a terrific new site where teachers, librarians, and readers, can gather to learn about and discuss  a smorgasbord of the newest children's literature. As  long-time reviewer for Voice of Youth Advocates magazine (VOYA), I already enjoy reviewing the newest YA literature for a similar audience; Sloan's "delicious blog" invites multiple voices to comment on each title, effectively creating a conversation between and among readers. Well done, Deborah!

As an Internet student who can effectively manage several tasks but still has much to learn, I managed to flub my first posting to Deborah's site by posting as "anonymous" when I wanted to be known. Indeed, posting to The Picnic Basket is what got me started here. Thanks, Deborah, for providing a valuable site and multiple learning opportunities for this old brain. (That's "old" per my students, and sometimes my bones and joints, but not my heart.)

If you enjoy reading to learn and children's literature, I strongly suggest that you visit The Picnic Basket today.

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